Orofluido Beauty Exlixir

I had heard fantastic things about this hair oil from my flatmate over a year ago.  I’ve tried a number of the Argan hair oil products, they were ok, but nothing special enough to make me a brand loyalist so I wanted to give Orofluido a try.

In South Africa the only local stockists were charging rather high prices.  I meant to track it down on a trip to London, but somehow forgot.  So I set out to find someone who’d ship to South Africa.  Amazon was no help, telling me that “this product does not ship to your country”.  Fortunately I found someone on Ebay who does.  This was not only my first experience of Orofluido, but also the first time I’d purchased anything over Ebay.

Everything went as planned, my parcel arrived intact and I couldn’t wait to try my new hair oil out.  So was it just another bleh, nothing special product? …

It’s amazing.  I am so happy with this product.  It lived up to it’s reputation and deserves its accolades.  I have spent 31.5 years battling dry, frizzy, unruly hair and this oil has given me pretty, healthy looking curls that I can actually show off in public.  Definitely worth a repeat purchase.  It’s no wonder they call it a “beauty ritual for your hair.”

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